About NextMed Clinic

At some point in life, every person has looked in the mirror and wished he or she could change something about their appearance. At NextMed, we want to empower you to do just that. We believe that aesthetic and anti-aging treatments are a natural part of life to improve and maintain a healthy appearance. We are convinced that when you look your best, you can go out into your world and be your best...

Our Values

Patients First

Above all, the safety, comfort, and confidentiality of our patients come first. This includes, but is not limited to, appropriate communication, education, and outstanding patient satisfaction.


Professionalism is the heartbeat of our clinic. We uphold the highest standards of our profession.


We pledge to treat our patients with honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in everything from our procedures to prices.


We aim to provide excellent service which leads to the best results possible in every treatment.

Confidence (Our Patients’)

By enhancing our patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance, we aspire to boost our patients’ confidence.


We are constantly updating ourselves to bring the latest and best, medically safe treatments with proven results, from South Korea and China for our patients.


Aesthetic treatments are blazing new trails in modern medicine. Now more than ever, it is accepted as a normal way to maintain a natural and healthy appearance. The effects are not just skin deep. By minimizing the normal effects of aging or enhancing your features, it helps you to better show your personality and expressions, and protects your emotional well-being. At NextMed, our aesthetic treatments revitalise you from forehead to décolletage. We ensure that our procedures are ultramodern, quick, non-invasive with minor downtime and very little risk.

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Exquisitely you, from skin to soul.


Personal Consultation

Booking an appointment

To ensure that you receive optimal time and quality of consultation, please book an appointment before visiting us. Once you have done this, we will send an appointment confirmation regarding reservation status via an online method of your choice.